A few words about the hostess

Amalia-Eirini (Melina) Tzimopoulou

In the course of my life, one of the greatest gifts I received was the understanding of my name's vibration as interpreted by Pythagorean Numerology. The hidden mysteries of the universe and the concepts represented by numbers confirmed what I had already discovered within me on my life's journey. That is why, although people know me as Melina, I wish to also use the name that attunes me with my soul's purpose, the vast uncharted inner self.


The reason why I chose to create this website is because I believe that life is a school. However, it is a different school, where everything functions in absolute unity, interaction and wisdom. In the school of life there are no teachers or students. Here, we are all the teachers and the students of others. We all have something to offer, a piece of knowledge, an idea, an experience. And we can all gain and learn something from those around us, new knowledge, another idea, another experience....

In life, if you so wish, you can learn from everything ̶ from a fellow human, from an animal, from nature, from a situation and even from an object....

It is within this framework that I wish to share, with modesty and respect, my thoughts, my feelings and whatever else ensues, as my personal gift to people all over the world.

                                                                About the Author

Amalia-Eirini (Melina) Tzimopoulou

Born in Athens in 1964, Amalia-Eirini Tzimopoulou undertook theoretical studies at the Institute of International Studies in Geneva (IHEI - Institut de Hautes Études Internationales) and then attended courses in Art History (Faculté des Lettres). During this time, she gained professional experience employed at a firm that organized international exhibitions (Promexpo Blenheim s.a.) and at an art gallery (Galerie Salambo).

Upon returning to Greece after nine years in Geneva, she was employed as the personal assistant and interpreter for the Tunisian ambassador in Athens, followed by a position in public relations and communication for a large pharmaceutical company (Lavipharm s.a.), thus setting the foundations of her personality as a citizen of the world.

During the course of her life, however, her developed sense of aesthetics and artistic sensitivity led her to interior decorating and 'art de la table', which expressed the artist within her and her love for creation and beauty. You can see samples of her work on her personal website: www.humani-tree.com/el/talenda.

Being a restless and free spirit from a tender age, and believing that an individual can attain completion through the balance of the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual parts of his existence, she delved into a wide range of practices regarding nutrition, internal processes and spiritual development, always centering on the 'person'.

Because of her desire to move forward in life and evolve and her strength to etch her own path, she combined the knowledge and practices of ancient Greece and eastern philosophy, attending numerous seminars on her journey of esoteric quests. She studied at Robert Elias Natjemy's school of self-knowledge www.armonikizoi.com in Athens.

Her qualities as a person, her persistence and the years of inner work she devoted on the path of 'know thyself', her talent as a writer, her communicative personalit

y and her need to give are clearly expressed in her vision of a better society, one of essence, values and principles. The same holds true for her effort to help others to understand themselves and find their own happiness. A happiness that depends on no external factor, a happiness that nothing and no one can increase or decrease, a happiness characterized by its perpetual growth.

She now chooses to live between the vastness of a sea and the beauty of a mountain, close to Mother Nature she so loves, where she finds inspiration, pursuing the purpose of her life ̶ to touch the souls of people using the language of the heart, to inspire optimism and to spread happiness.