Favorite Food for Thought

Spread your wings…

I’ve always loved Richard Bach’s “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”.

The excerpt below is from his epilogue to the 20th anniversary edition released in August of 1990.

“For me at least, Jonathan’s message is still there in the whispering wind that I heard so many years ago from a gull’s wings:

Fly… The more carefully I listen to that whispering, the more certain I am that the example offered by Jonathan’s adventures is a flight plan for any successful life. I believe that his path is that of anyone who wishes to be happy. In other words, to pursue the quest for that which we want to do more than anything else in the world and go bravely forward with courage, persistence and unwavering determination.

As compensation for that effort, the flight plan promises us that others will look down on us, ridicule us, and that we will be ostracized from circles of friends and family. If we persist however, if we endure the solitude and remain dedicated to the quest we’ve chosen with so much love, then we will be blessed with new friends, a new family that will already share the values and ideals we cherish. With them we will fly much farther and higher than we ever dreamt.”