My stepping stones on the path to happiness


I reflected on the meaning of progress when I took on responsibility for my life, when I compared "who I was" with "who I am".
When, with an iron will, persistence and patience, I bridged the "then" with the "now", the mind with the heart, logic with emotion, inspiration with action, the inception with the manifestation.
What I am deeply aware of today and what I experience every day is that every soul has whatever it needs for its evolution toward its own Greater Good and the Good of all.

To my children

My beloved children,
I gave birth to you, I raised you, I supported you, I took care of you, I protected you, I gave you the best of myself, on all levels, both emotionally and financially.
I feel I have fulfilled my role. What I had to do as a parent, I did to the best of my ability.
I thank you for the meaning and completeness you gifted my life.
Now you have your own life to live, your own role to play, and your own journey to make.
I release you from my embrace and release myself from my responsibility toward you.
Fly with your own wings.
Spread the values, the knowledge and the principles I instilled in you.
Teach others what I have taught you, embrace every existence with the love I have filled you with.
Help whomever you encounter in your life, enchant, awaken souls, spread joy, optimism and happiness to people all over the world.
I wish only the best for you, A Droplet's Journey, and for you, Beauty.
I love you with all my heart, children of my soul.
I am proud of you.
Bon voyage.


“On our excursions in the mountains, he always watched the birds flying freely, that was the only thing that gave him pleasure”. Those were the words of a good friend when she had recently lost her husband, he was only 50. 

In retrospect I can understand how he, like so many others, had become a victim of the delusions that we are conditioned to live with by choosing a life that didn’t allow him the freedom to be himself. He wasn’t able to pursue his genuine needs and wants because he sacrificed them in order to win the recognition and reaffirmation of others around him, his wife included.

How many other’s lives and relationships have been sacrificed to the need to satisfy delusions and egoism? How many of those mechanisms, that automatically alter our self-image, are fueled by social conditioning and erroneous beliefs that hold us captive in our own delusions.

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The essence of my existence

Creation is the essence of my existence. At every moment of my life, in every domain, I do everything to the best of my ability and knowledge. My every creation expresses a time period of my life and flows according to the knowledge and potential I have at that specific moment. That's how my evolutionary course manifests itself. What does not change, however, is that everything I create bears my personal identity. Besides, that is what expresses every person's uniqueness.
That is exactly what I am doing now in the promotional campaign for my books A Droplet's Journey and Beauty with four brief videos and a short film that connects them all.
I create through the sense of clarity, purity, brilliance.
It is what expresses my inner and outer world.
I dedicate it to you.

Is yours a Christmas Spirit?

It is early December and I am now snuggled in my cabin on the mountain, just having returned from my walk near the river surrounded by the enchantment of my beloved nature. It is during those moments, at one with myself, that I find the strength within me. Those moments I sense how blessed and grateful I am in my life, for my pleasant as well as trying experiences, conscious of the fact that without those difficulties I would not be who I am today.

From the afternoon I had wanted to visit my favorite plane tree. Seated on its roots with my back leaning against its trunk I harmonized my senses with my surroundings. In every cell I could feel thoughts and feelings surging that I was eager to share with you.

I heard the water singing its way along the river bed, like nature’s voice. I saw the bare branches of the plane tree reaching proudly for the sky as if to say: “Just look how beautiful we are even without our decorative foliage!” I could feel the cool damp breath of the winter atmosphere against my skin, stroking my cheeks. I was breathing in all of the aromas of the wet leaves and fallen branches which covered the soil. By my side was my beloved dog Santa, sitting motionless so as to not miss a single caress.

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